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Bhutan At A Glance

Bhutan is an exceptional place!! Renowned as a Himalayan kingdom abounded with a lot of magic and mystery, Bhutan embraces not just the traditional Buddhist culture but also the fast paced international developments undertaken here. "... Shrouded amongst the peaks of the eastern Himalayas, I have found the Kingdom of Bhutan was one of the most exceptional countries I have been privileged enough to visit" is a quote that explains the real beauty of Bhutan in the right words. Located amidst the magnificent Himalayas towards its eastern end, the Bhutan Kingdom is regarded as the most inland country in the entire South Asia. As a small kingdom, Bhutan remains remote from the hustle bustle amidst the Himalayas. Although, it is surrounded by two most powerful and populous nations, India & China, the kingdom maintains a serene atmosphere throughout the year. It not just guards its old traditions but also gives little space to the outsiders to invade their privacy and serenity. Only from the year 1970, the Bhutanese allowed tourists to visit here. The Bhutanese people work as per the Gross National Happiness philosophy in the tourism sector. Thus, they take pride in delivering exceptional holidays to the tourists using the GNH philosophy. However, they ensure that tourism does not fill the country. They follow a no-mass tourism policy for that. When you visit Bhutan, you come across various surprises. One of them is their usage of chillies. They use it as a major ingredient instead of a dressing or seasoning. Moreover, the red color of the rice is astonishing. As a Buddhist land, the country boasts of the monasteries and beautiful entrance of the houses having giant protective penises. Although there are many monasteries, you cannot call Bhutan as a museum. For tourists, talking to the Bhutanese people would be blissful, as they are fun loving and well educated. Bhutan is a place where the gross national happiness is prioritized over the gross national product. And thus, it gives a new and unique experience to its tourists. In fact, approx. 60% of the country has been covered with forests that are preserved for the future generations. When you will travel through the mountain passes, you will get an experience of the natural wonders of Bhutan. You will find rhododendron blossom, different mammals, rich botanical elements, and unique birds at the national parks. To experience the Himalayas closely, you will be required to take a mountain trek. The primeval forests are covered with the vague gorges and above this; the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas outshine the beauty of the landscape. Amongst this landscape, the monasteries and dzongs stand proudly and majestically. In addition to this, the amazing tsechus or dance festivals of the Bhutanese are conducted at the traditional architecture. Besides this, you will be getting a chance to explore amazing flora & fauna, outrageous competitions of archery, beautiful handicrafts & textiles, and excellent trekking trails. It is too close to “Shangri-la”. Places To Visit
  • Immersion in Bhutanese culture at Paro’s National Museum
  • Ancient dzongs (fort-monasteries) and monasteries in Thimphu
  • Famous Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang) monastery, nearby Paro
  • Capital of Bhutan, Thimphu
  • Meet the colorful Paro Tshechu
  • A day in Bumthang in Central Bhutan (the cultural heart of Bhutan and home to some of the country’s most significant Buddhist sites)
  • Views of the Bhutan’s most sacred mountain, Chomolhari (7314 m) and the Bhutanese Himalayas
DrukAir The Kingdom of Bhutan national airline works for a specific scheduled network across the region of South Asia. It operates from the Paro, which is a beautiful valley located in the west side of Bhutan. From here, one can drive towards the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu within 60 minutes. It is the last preserved Mahayan Buddhist kingdom. It holds the position of the most sought-after tourists’ destination in Bhutan. The national airline emerged in the year 1981 on the date 5th of April. However, the DrukAir started operating from 11th Feb 1983. It began with the Dornier 228-200, which was only an 18 seater plane in the year 1983. Due to the blessings of the monks, cymbals, conches, and others, the DrukAir now owns a large and advanced fleet of ATR-42-500 and Airbus A319's. Bhutan Airlines The first private airlines of Bhutan were established with its only aircraft named, A Pilatus PC12 with just domestic operations passengers in a number of 8. For establishing this, the Tashi Group of Companies had to gain the license for beginning the international & domestic airline operations in Bhutan. The international operations began on 10 October 2013 with the 150 passenger seater A320 aircraft. This flight began from Paro and went towards Bangkok via Kolkata. The latest fleet of the Bhutan airlines began with the Airbus A319’s that has excellent 122 seating capacity. This began on the 1st of May in the year 2014. Govt. Approved Tariff For Normal Tourists In the months of Jan, Feb, June, July, Aug, & Dec, the tourists need to pay a minimum of USD $200 per individual. And, during the months of March, April, May, Sept, Oct, and Nov, the legal need is to pay USD $250 per person. In certain government approved accommodations or restaurants, the fee is itself inclusive of the legal tariff. Along with this, the transport and other local taxes are also included. If the traveler is alone, he/she has to pay $40 per night. If there are two travelers, then the per-night charge would be $30. Children below the age of 5 years are eligible for free entry, whereas the children belonging to the age group 5-12 are eligible for the discount of 50%. And, if you have a school or college ID card, then you can avail the 25% student discount. The compulsory payment is the $40 for the visa. Tourists who plan to stay at a 5 star hotel should make the payments for inclusion of meals and other amenities while staying at Bhutan. Charges For Travel Industry Staff The prices for the travel industry staff are arranged at 30% discounts. The price is USD $203/290 per day for the tour operator staff and USD $196/280 for the travel agents staff. Weather You will find a humid and hot climate when you’ll reach the Southern Bhutan. The weather remains the same throughout the year, although the temperature could range 15-30 degree Celsius. However, the temperature is cool in the central parts of Bhutan, which changes to temperate in the forests. During the winter season, the weather usually remains cold in the northern regions. You will also find snow covered mountain peaks during winters. However, the high altitude terrain keeps the lower parts cool. Cuisine Spices rule the Bhutanese cuisine. Chillies are not just a seasoning but an important ingredient of the dish. Bhutanese people like their meal full of spices. Besides this, you will find Bhutanese people having rice most of the times. Most of their dishes are accompanied by the rice. The meats eaten here are pork, chicken, and beef. The vegetables eaten here include turnips, river weed, radishes, spinach, tomatoes, pumpkins, green beans, and onions. The grains that are cultivated and consumed in several regions with appropriate climatic conditions are rice, barley, and buckwheat.